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Protect your Company by Verifying Resumes


Candidates, even at the most senior levels, are regularly embellishing their resumes, according to a new report from background screening firm HireRight, based in Irvine, CA.

Yet only half of employers verify candidates' education credentials, the report noted, despite the many recent headlines involving falsified degrees.

While searching for a chief financial officer for a Midwest hospital system, Meschke's team found a terrific candidate with impressive credentials. 

"Everyone fell in love with her," said Meschke, president of CBIZ Talent and Compensation Solutions, an executive recruiting and consulting firm based in Kansas City, Mo.

"We're doing the background checks, and we can't confirm her education. We can't prove she got her MBA. Then we can't find that she's a certified public accountant. We can't even prove she's got her BA.

We call her and she says she'll send over a copy of her degree.

We sent that document to the school and find out it's phony.

She wasn't who she said she was!

And she had been in her position for 20 years."

Have you come across a similar situation? 

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